…and the improvements we have helped put on it…

I’ve spent my entire professional lifetime attempting to bring harmony between natures’ oil and gas resources and human habitation. Those endeavors facilitated an advanced working knowledge of both the rule of law and with local customs that on occasion, are in conflict with each other.

Today, my focus has become closer to the land, and its nectar of life…water! Relocating back to my roots in Northern New Mexico has allowed me to give back to what matters most, a true connection to the land. We are involved in maintaining and protecting watersheds, cleaning, clearing and operating acequias and conducting fire mitigation clearing in the Carson National Forest.

We’ve continued to do title work, but this time its much less mineral activity and more water rights research. Much of the water rights we work with were put in place between 1756 and 1850 which predates both New Mexico and US law. Transfers still happen, and we do the necessary investigation and follow-up to make sure your rights are memorialized and protected at both the County and State level via the Office of the State Engineer in Santa Fe.

Of course change never stops, and sometimes the ancient water routes need to be modified so we also do easements and rights of way, from the legal side to the physical excavation side.

In every venture, my goal has been to weave a narrative of coexistence, where the legacy of the past converges with the sustainability of the future.